Juroff Sport&Junior is a natural medium-mineralised water intended for sportspeople and children. Our products stand out due to low sodium content (not exceeding 10.83 mg/l) – which allows them to be consumed by people with cardiac diseases, people on a low-sodium diet, suffering from cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. What is more, Juroff water has the optimal ratio of calcium to magnesium – 2:1!
The water for athletes is delivered in 500 ml PET type bottles with a sport cup. We deliver the product within 24-72 hours throughout the country.




We are well aware of what the youngest need and we realize that for their proper development an adequate daily dose of natural mineral water is necessary. That is why we have introduced non-carbonated water in bottles with a sports cap – ensuring comfortable and safe hydration of children right from the age of 1.
We encourage you to place orders – you can do it by phone or in person - at the headquarters of our plant located in Koziegłowy, at ul. Myszkowska 36.


butelka wody sport & junior