Juroff 1.5L in PET type bottles is one of the items on our offer. It is a natural medium-mineralised water with a low sodium content – available in three variants:

  • Sparkling water
  • Low carbonation sparkling water
  • Still water

The water is packed in shrink-wrap packs holding six bottles each – one pallet can carry 84 packs - that gives a total of 504 bottles! We deliver the product within 24-72 hours throughout the country.




Bottles with a capacity of 1.5L are found primarily in our consumers' households and during various sports events! This is by far the most popular capacity – and not without a reason! According to the recommendations of experts, each person should supply their body with at least 1.5 – 2L of water per day!
The comfortable shape of the bottle, refreshing, delicate taste and unique mineral balance are not the only advantages of this product! Our water meets the expectations of even the most demanding consumers!
Order Juroff 1.5L water now and ensure your body its daily dose of hydration – allowing it to regenerate and muster strength to act!


woda gazowana 1,5 litra


woda delikatnie gazowana 1,5 litra


woda niegazowana 1,5 litra